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Practicing restraint and clarity, Yates Desygn authors the interiors of our client’s homes with understated elegance and approachable luxury. At Yates Desygn, we have made it our purpose to connect with our clients at the most personal point in their lives – their homes. We guide our client’s self-expression to bring synergy between the action of their daily lives and the spaces in which they reside. Our goal is to replace intimidation with inspiration, helping our clients enjoy the creative process and articulate what they love.

With over 30 years of combined experience, Bryan and Mike Yates refined their expertise at renowned companies such as Yabu Pushelberg and Paul Taylor Dance Company respectively. Their design work has been implemented in many iconic cities around the world from New York City to Tokyo and beyond. Yates Desygn is a full-service design firm that theorizes traits and brings concepts to fruition for Interior Design, Landscape Design, and Architectural Enhancement. Brought together by their passion for style and design, Mike and Bryan married their professional talents to create Yates Desygn in 2015, and established their Dallas-based headquarters in 2016.

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Bryan Yates - Design Principal

Originally from South Texas, Bryan mastered his practice of interior design at the Pratt Institute after receiving his bachelor’s in landscape architecture from Texas Tech University. His career and experiences span from landscape design, commercial hospitality design, and luxury residential interior design. Bryan has conceptualized and created numerous upscale projects evoking free-spirit and high-style in sought after places around the world including New York City, Japan and Mumbai.

Bryan was able to put his practice into play during his time at Yabu Pushelberg. Early in his career he found that conceptual design is the foundation of what makes people’s homes – home. Bryan’s love for interior design comes through most when he is able to share his clients’ stories within their personal environment.

Mike Yates - Managing Director

Mike is the mastermind behind the project management, financials, and the engineering aspects of Yates Desygn, and is also in tune with diverse cultural influences and creative talent. The idea of synergy is not only echoed throughout the firm, but it is also carried out in the daily lives of the powerhouse duo behind Yates Desygn. Mike is originally from O’ahu, Hawaii and completed his undergraduate education in dance and his master’s degree in lighting design at Arizona State University. Mike spent 15 years setting the stage with his expertise in lighting design for local and international dance productions serving as Company Manager for Paul Taylor Dance Company and Lighting Supervisor for Pilobolus Dance Company. His travels took him to Germany, Israel, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Canada, Uruguay and across the United States.

His exposure to different cultures and architectural influences have helped paint Mike’s own personal style in all forms of self- expression including design. Mike moved to Dallas and obtained his real estate license where he is now a proud founding partner of Yates Desygn.

Kelsey Coody - Senior Designer

Lady Bird Yates - HR Director

At the age of just two, Lady finished her undergraduate studies at Vassar College with emphasis in Neuroscience and Human Behavior. After graduation, Lady then attended Yale for her post graduate studies in Human Resources on full scholarship. Her thesis on Human Behavior and Fetch stirred quite the academic controversy among her peers, but went on to win several awards. Lady followed her education with several Human Resource positions for large corporate entities, such as Google and Microsoft, before settling down in Dallas, Texas to be closer to her family. She now runs Human Resources for the prestigious Yates Desygn while continuing her studies on human behavior. She is a regular contributor to several science publications and enjoys the Dallas urban lifestyle. When Lady isn’t working she is contributing to local charities, and can be caught in the Dallas social scene, where she continues to influence fashion.


We believe that effective interior design enhances quality of life and celebrates the unique personalities and needs of each and every one of our clients. Our design philosophy is rooted in the idea of activating environments that help tell our clients’ stories. We seek out opportunities where we can provide educated and professional solutions that evoke a feeling of approachable luxury. Our connectivity with each individual helps us to theorize their traits into contextually appropriate concepts that support their wellbeing and self-expression. The synergy between interiors and biophilic design within these havens are grounded in concept, that is then carefully enhanced, and methodically realized.